Monday, September 10, 2012

Transcription - "Q: How does an ozonizer work?

Dr. Vinograd: It actually infuses ozone into the water and the water, because of its molecular structure, is able to contain for a short time the ozone. And the ozone itself is really what actually acts as a powerful antigermicide, antiviral and antibacterial. So, probably, that’s why it hasn’t really been commercialized even though it’s really an effective protocol is because there is no way to really hold it for a long period of time. If you do have an ozone machine though, you can ozonize your water, use it within five minutes and you are using it at 100% concentration.

Q: So what do you use it for, you use it to sterilize water, fruits, vegetables?

Dr. Vinograd: You can use it for a number of things. People use it even to sterilize areas, air, cars?

Q: Odor in air?

Dr. Vinograd: Odors, yes. And you know, in this case, we use it to ozonize the water and then people sometimes drink it to help them with mild GI tract infections. In my dental practice we use it quite a bit as a very effective protocol with our soft tissue management for gum disease and we have a protocol where we have in-office, but also patients take an ozonator to their home and use it, that can attach to their Waterpik, to keep their gums healthy or to improve the health of their gums."

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