Saturday, November 9, 2013

3 Myths About Soda Water

"In an effort to curb soda consumption, many people have traded in their high-fructose corn syrup laden colas for carbonated water, whether it be flavored with natural flavors or artificial flavors (it’s best to go for the naturally flavored beverages) or left plain. This is terrific news because you can still slurp the fizziness you crave, without the harsh and unhealthy additives from the high-calorie alternative..."

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The 10 Therapeutic Benefits of Chamomile

"Do you suffer from insomnia, indigestion, or stomach pain? If so, then you very well may benefit from chamomile. Chamomile, which is typically consumed in tea form, is an herb that has been used as medicine for thousands of years to calm anxiety, settle stomachs and aid in sound sleep. .."

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

10 Reasons To Slow Down on Sunscreen

"One of the most popular scenes at the beach, other than people playing volleyball and tossing the Frisbee, is people slathering on sunscreen. This is a smart practice for the most part, however, some health officials actually believe that globbing a thick layer of SPF on your body every thirty minutes to an hour could be bad for your health. This has been an on-going debate between scientists and beauty experts and the research has not led to a definite winner..."

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

5 Creative Substitutes for Spaghetti

"Spaghetti. Pasta. Macaroni. All of these words are considered “curse words” to anyone following a high protein, low carbohydrate and/or gluten-free lifestyle. Carbohydrates such as these have been deemed enemies based on the fact that most pasta is comprised of processed, white flour..."

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Forget The Wrinkles: How To Naturally Maintain a Glowing, Youthful Skin

"She appeared old, had lined eyelids, sagging cheeks and dried lips. Her mouth corners had turned downwards; her skin was dull, dry, and full of fine lines and noticeable wrinkles. I assumed she was in her late 40s. “Meet my younger sister, Rachel.” My girlfriend’s friend, Rebecca, introduced me to her sister. “She is 5 years younger than me,” Rebecca continued. Rebecca was in her early 30s and so, mathematically, her sister was in her late 20s. I couldn’t believe my ears, so I decided to get a quick reality check, was I dreaming..."

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

7 Causes of Muscle Fatigue & Their Solutions

"Most of us have experienced the inconvenience of muscles tiring during athletic activities, often when you need reliable performance the most. Read on to learn more about what causes muscle fatigue, and how it can be minimized..."

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Warning: May Forever Ruin Your Favorite Salads

"Salads tend to get a reputation for being “diet”, “rabbit” or “boring” food. When people try to eat “healthier”, they generally order salads because they think they’re making a smart choice.

Unfortunately a bulk of the salads offered at restaurants, be it a fast food joint or a pricy bistro, are about as high in calories, if not higher in calories, than entrees such as hamburgers or heavy pasta dishes. Have you been a victim of any of these supposedly “healthy” sounding salads?.."

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Asparagines & Bloating

"Spring has sprung and with spring comes a lot of delicious vegetables including asparagus. Asparagus, you know, the green stalk that looks a lot like a weapon, is loaded with massive amounts of vitamins and minerals. The vegetable’s shape is actually quite symbolic, because it is an incredible weapon against disease!..."

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

9 Reasons to Switch to Almond Milk

"If you were recently diagnosed with lactose intolerant, you may be depressed because you have to give up all of your beloved treats such as ice cream, creamer and gasp, whole milk. How on earth is your (hopefully whole grain, no sugar added) cereal going to taste the same? Enter: Almond Milk..."

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

9 Foods That Will Improve Your Eyesight

"Close your eyes for a minute. Now imagine being blind. Forget seeing beautiful vistas, your family and friends or even the stunning photos and paintings you masterfully selected at the gallery. Without your eyesight, you would constantly bump into things and you would have a very hard time this day in age, thanks to the enormous dependence on technology..."

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

15 Surprising Uses For Witch Hazel

"You may associate Witches with warts and green, scaly skin however there is a product on the market called Witch Hazel that actually promotes radiant skin.

Witch Hazel is an astringent produced"

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Healthy Food Facts: Choice Chicken

"While thoughts of your mother’s dry chicken breast may come to mind when you think of this poultry’s meat, this protein source is actually quite versatile (your mother was just making it wrong, sorry to break it to you) and on top of that very healthy..."

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Monday, August 12, 2013

BodyPure Summer Savings

$5 Off BodyPure Detox Foot Patches until the end of the month!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

7 Benefits of Aspirin You Would Never Know

You may pop some aspirin when you are suffering from a pounding headache or a pulled muscle, but did you know that aspirin has far more benefits than just suppressing pain? Some have even gone as far as to call this over-the-counter medication a “magic pill”.

How Aspirin Helps More Than Just Headaches

1. Slashes your risk of death from colon cancer: studies have been done that reveal that aspirin has the ability to cut the risk of death from this type of cancer by 82 percent.

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Stay Tuned For Our Latest Promotion!

For 48hrs we will be giving away $50 discount gift cards with every purchase, stay tuned for the launch date!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Healthy Home Made IcePops

"You may be more tempted than ever to reach into your freezer for an ice cold popsicle to cool you down during these hot summer mothers, but you might as well just grab a bag of sugar and a spoon..."

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What's In Mustard?

"These days it seems as if mustard is only used as a staple when it comes to dressing hot dogs at barbeques and sporting events or making salad dressings but it really should be used far more than that. Thousands of years ago, mustard seeds were introduced to the world as a remedy for multiple illnesses, not a hot dog flavor enhancer. They only later were grinded into a paste and used as a condiment..."

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Candida: Symptoms

"When you think of yeast, you most likely think of fluffy loaves of bread and delicious pastries. But there is another type of yeast that is hardly as delightful. Candida albicans, or simply Candida is a microorganism in the category of yeast, fungi and mold. While it’s relatively normal to live with small amounts of this yeast in our digestive systems, in some circumstances it can invade into deeper tissues and organs where it doesn’t belong. When the fungus gets that deep, it entrenches itself and produces chemicals that affect cell function causing symptoms that are uncomfortable as well as problems that can potentially become very serious... "

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Coffee & Your Health - P2: The 8 Ways to Use Coffee You Never Heard Of

After reading this article (, you know that coffee is tremendously healthy, which is probably why you purchased and brewed up a bag immediately. You may think that once you brew your joe, you should just dispose of the used coffee grounds. Hold it! Before you dump those ground beans in the trash, check out how you can further use coffee to your benefit!

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Coffee & Your Health - P1: Coffee & Diabetes

Waking up in the morning can be quite brutal. The last thing you want to do is roll out of your soft, cozy sheets and face the busy day ahead. Luckily, there is one drink the most everyone can count on to slap him or her out of their sleepy state, coffee.

Coffee has been through the grinder when it comes to whether or not the drink is actually healthy but it is safe to say that coffee is the number once source of antioxidants in American’s diets. This may come as a shock to some considering coffee does not get a lot of attention, but when you think about it, there are coffee shops on every corner of every street and on some mornings (Mondays?) there are lines generating outside the doors!

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30 Reasons to Avoid Sugar

ugar has a terrible reputation and for good reason. When ingested in excesses is causes a whole host of issues which include:
1. Sugar can cause diabetes
2. Sugar can interfere with the body’s absorption of calcium and magnesium.
3. Sugar can cause macular degeneration...

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Stevia, The Sales Pitch

Many people are plagued by their sweet tooth. The second they get the slightest bit hungry they make a b-line for the vending machine and press the letter and number combination for the unhealthiest sugar and glaze crusted donuts. Some might even find themselves selecting a “wholesome” peanut butter-chocolate power bar because they think it’s the better option, but unfortunately those “health” bars have been getting far too much positive press when they really should not be...

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Send Us Your Pics!

We are always happy to post pictures of our detox pad afficionados!

Denise from Ohio

Thursday, June 27, 2013

BodyPure Summer Giveaway

For over a decade, BodyPure has offered 100% natural health products. This summer we would like to offer you the opportunity to win your choice of any product in our line, including our BodyPure2x Detox Foot Pads, BodyPure+ Detox Foot Pads, Sports Recovery Pads and MobilityPads Circulation Foot Pads. Which product would you like to try? Enter to win your choice now!

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Monday, June 24, 2013

BodyPure Detox Foot Pads in 40 Seconds

Preventing Bone Loss

We all may believe we’re invincible, but this is obviously not true, especially for those who may be suffering from an illness we are unaware of. As we get older our bone mineral density (BMD) decreases, or in other words, our bone’s strength grows weaker. The reason why bones thin as we age is because the body reabsorbs existing bone cells faster than new bone is made. When this happens, the bones lose minerals, mass, and structure, making them weaker and increasing their risk of breaking. While all people begin to lose bone mass around age 30, some may start losing bone mass sooner, while other may lose it later. The time as which your bones start to thin depend heavily on your diet as well as genetics.

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Nasunin: The Brain Food

When you think of purple produce, what comes to mind?

Red cabbage is obviously red and blueberries are obviously blue even though they both look purple. There is one piece of produce that you might be thinking of, yet you cannot remember what it’s called. Does eggplant ring a bell? How about aubergine? This teardrop (well most of the time) looking “vegetable” (it’s actually a fruit, thanks to the fact that it contains seeds) has a shiny, almost waxy purple (depending on the variety) exterior that can be rather off-putting, but don’t let its fa├žade scare you away. The second you slice into this meaty nightshade fruit, you will be greeted by white flesh teaming with health benefits...

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Review of the BodyPure 2x Detox Foot Pads

"Hi everybody, my name is Sue, and today I will be doing a review on the BodyPure Detox Foot Pads. I just received my package, so am about to try it out.. "

1 week later..

"...I'm not as tired as I was before, when I get up in the morning, it's almost as if I'm waking up from a vacation, you know? I really do enjoy this product, I feel productive, like I have a lot of energy to do what I need to do in the day. I would really recommend this product to anybody."

- Sue-Tanya, Kingston, Jamaica.

Monday, June 3, 2013

15 Medicinal Properties of Cinnamon

If the last time you enjoyed sweet yet spicy, cinnamon was in your bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crush or sprinkled on top of a gooey piece of pie, you really have not been taking advantage of this spice at all.

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12 Cooking Oils, Which is Best?

So you have decided to start cooking with oils instead of butter because your doctor recommended you do so for your health. Well, while using grass-fed and grass-finished butter is perfectly healthy for cooking, this version of butter is not widely available. That being said, there are copious amounts of oils at your cooking disposal but the large assortment can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused.

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Calcium for the Lactose Intolerant

Milk and other dairy products are constantly associated with building strong bones. Advertisements in magazines, newspapers and on television have warped our minds into thinking milk is a wonder drink. While milk does have calcium, the mineral known for keeping our bones strong, maintaining acid/alkaline balance in our bodies, controlling our muscle and nerve function and boosting our metabolisms, it is most certainly not the only, or even best, source of the important mineral.  Read On..

You are What You Eat: Foods That Will Keep You Beautiful

The saying goes: “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but one could argue that beauty is actually in the food we eat. Salmon to smooth wrinkles, blueberries for clear vision, oysters for luscious locks of hair, food has the power to transform a drab nature into that of a vivacious disposition. It may be hard to believe, but we truly are what we eat. Read on..

Sunday, May 19, 2013

BodyPure in action

Thank you Jason for the photos and kind words!

"I've never been one to do 'testimonials' but felt compelled to send you guys pictures and a HUGE thank you! I've had horrible allergies and fatigue in the mornings since I can remember - that is, until a month ago, when I started using your detox pads. I wish I'd taken a photo of my first ones, but at the time I had no idea that they would even work. I took these photos this morning, decongested, energetic, and happy! My pads are now coming out about 1/2 clean (as you can see). I can't thank you enough, hopefully my words will bring you more happy customers! - Jason"

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mental Exercise

"If you have ever seen someone working on a crossword puzzle or biting their pen cap as they figure out a Sudoku puzzle, just know that these people are doing themselves a whole lot of good. You see, these puzzles, along with various other activities, are excellent ways to better your mental health...."

Why You Should Be Eating Nitric Oxide

"Nitric Oxide (NO), not to be confused with Nitrous Oxide (although the two do have their similarities), is a free forming gas produced by the cells in our body. This gas is required for every function in our body. Did you just shift your weight to your left foot? Well, NO just helped you do that..."

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Better Protein Shakes - Whey & Soy?

"...While getting ample amounts of protein every day is essential to health, chugging protein shakes especially those made from whey or soy protein is not the ideal way to obtain this essential macronutrient..."

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Artificial Flavors

"If you’ve read an ingredients label before you have more than likely scanned the words “artificial flavorings” on a few food product stickers. While many people just ignore these words and consume the contents of the food package, some wonder, what exactly are artificial ingredients?" Read on..

Monday, April 29, 2013

Walking in the AM

"...A study done at Northwestern University found that those who exercised for 20 minutes had improved sleep quality, and were found to be less depressed, with more vitality and less sleepiness during daytime hours. So essentially, exercise could be deemed a “sleeping pill.” Just be sure not to exercise too close to bedtime because initially exercise increases your heart rate and blood flow, increasing your energy levels – this is why exercising in the morning, prior to the day’s start, is the best time to get moving..." Read on..


"...Unfortunately as you do grow older, our bodies naturally divide cells resulting in telomeres getting a little shorter each time. Fortunately though, scientists have discovered that there are ways to slow the process as well as ways to even repair the frayed chromosome ends..." Read on..

Raw Foods 101

"Eating an extra large meal (think about all those meals you chow down on during the holidays) can result is a distended stomach, gas, intestinal problems and discomfort. In order for your body to break down all the food you ingest efficiently and effectively, your body needs an ample supply of digestive enzymes. Some of your body’s organs, including the pancreas, stomach and salivary glands, do make some of these enzymes, however as we age, our digestive system becomes less efficient, thus we produce less of these very important enzymes." Read on..

Pine Bark Extract

"Pine bark extract (sold as pycnogenol), made from the maritime pine tree, which is native to the western Mediterranean, is rich in chemicals called proanthocyanidins. Proanthocyanidins have a strong antioxidant activity and play a role in the stabilization of collagen and maintenance of elastin in connective tissue. Antioxidants are compounds that block the action of free radicals, which are activated oxygen molecules that can damage cells. Because of this researchers are beginning to believe that pine bark extract has the power to protect against an array of ailments ranging from arthritis, to cancer and heart disease to circulation problems." Read on..

Monday, April 8, 2013

Escaping Arsenic

It's nearly impossible, but learn what to look out for!

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Bisphenol A

The frightening effects of BPA: Obesity, Aggression and..

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

David Kennedy DDS and Studies Linking Mercury to Infertility

"The high-mercury group had more hormonal disturbances, immune disturbances, recurring fungal infections, hair loss and allergies. A number of different hormonal disturbances were found, sex hormones among them. All these differences were statistically significant and some very marked. Allergies and hair loss were 2-3 times more common in the high mercury group.The doctors at the clinic have successfully treated fertility problems with a combination of vitamins / minerals and amalgam removal..."

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Mobility Pads on Reviewstream

"....this product has ingredients that stimulate circulation– improving blood flow and energy. After checking into the ingredients, I decided to give it a try. I am a diabetic, and although I have full sensation in my feet, I do also duffer from mild nerve symptoms that are not related to the diabetes. Since neuropathy and other problems in diabetic feet are related directly to a lack of micro-circulation, getting more blood to the feet is could be a potential treatment and even preventative. I took the risk and ordered a set of these to see how they worked."

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

How Mercury Affects Health and What To Do About It

From Dr Vinograd's Blog:

Mercury is the most toxic and poisonous non-radioactive, heavy metal substance on the planet,” says Tom McGuire, DDS, author of Tooth Fitness, Your Guide to Healthy Teeth (St. Michael’s Press). Mercury is now number three on the Top 20 list of toxic substances compiled by the US Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry. Only arsenic and lead rank higher.

On average a person’s body contains between 10 to 15 milligrams of mercury. We absorb mercury when we breathe contaminated air, eat contaminated fish, receive vaccines preserved with mercury-based Thimerosal, or are exposed to a variety of pesticides, fungicides and petroleum products.

By Chrystle Fiedler

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The Truth About Mercury Poisioning and Other Public Health Issues and The Criminal Elements Behind Our Sickening Society

Dr Vinograd posts an out of print article from his personal archives..

"Since John Moore almost died from mercury poisoning in 1974, that highly toxic element has haunted the man. He was and is an industrial engineer, at one time working with the Boeing Company.

All of life’s work became an aside once he decided to find out what happened to him. He became a mercury/dental health researcher.

He now assists those who want to learn and perhaps rescue themselves from the planet’s ubiquitous contaminant. He taught classes to dental and health professionals for three years’ often with up to 100 persons per session.

His expertise was acknowledged by author Tom Warren in the book Reversing Chronic Diseases’ along with fellow researcher Gary Tunsky. The illustration of mercury vapor escaping a mercury seat is taken from Warren’s book. Our interview starts with a half question about that near- death experience…”"

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Natural Products Expo West 2013

Join us this weekend at Natural Products Expo West (in Anaheim, CA), booth 4236 Hall D. If you haven't been, this is the largest natural products convention in the country, full of interesting products, foods & suppliers.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dr Vinograd's Lecture on Mercury Poisoning & Preventative Dental Care

Our own Dr. Vinograd lectures at the Gerson Institute, broadcasting to 52 countries. As the original formulator of the BodyPure Detox Foot Pads, he has been been combating heavy metal toxicity for over 30 years. Click Here for a full transcript of the lecture.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Congrats to Shanna, our latest winner!

Check out this great photo of Shanna and her 4-month twin daughters, winner of last month's BodyPure giveaway:

Shanna also left us some great feedback about what she purchased with her winning gift card:

I recently won the BodyPure gift card. I have always been a Probiotic NUT, but I do get weary buying "higher priced" probiotics after many failed products. So I of course purchased 2 boxes of the 5-Lac . I LOVE this probiotic ! So easy to take , and I can tell it works . I will definitely be ordering more once my supply runs low ! Awesome to find a great probiotic that actually does what it should ! Shipping from BodyPure was quicker then quick - the company was lightening quick at answering any questions I had before ordering - and the product is amazing ! What more to ask !?!

Thanks Shanna! We love hearing from all our winners and customers!

Have you entered this month's contest yet?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Another BodyPure Gift Card Giveaway!

Congrats to last month's winner - Shanna A - who entered our contest by tweeting about us! We had such a great response that we are giving away another $100 BodyPure gift card to a new winner to use on their choice of any BodyPure products! Enter for your chance to win below:

Good Luck!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Long Lived Icarians!

Ikaria is the name of a Greek island located in the Aegean Sea. This island is approximately ten miles southwest of Samos, the populace is known as Icarians, or Ikarian Greeks. Ethnically speaking, they are Greek with Pelasgian and Carian ancestry. The people of this small island are best known for their life longevity (although statistics are difficult to compile as birth certificates are not the norm).

The data we do have indicates that the people of Ikaria are reaching the age of 90 almost three times as often as Americans. Ikarian men are also four times as likely to reach 90 years old than their American counterparts. Both sexes have been recorded to live at least eight to ten years longer than most Americans.

What is it about the Ikarian lifestyle that has allowed the people to live for so much longer? The first thing to look at is their clean, simple lifestyle.

For example, the Ikarian diet consists of a very low intake of saturated fats from meats and oils. This results in an extremely low risk of heart disease. Their produce is grown without pesticides, their meat without hormones, and processed foods are nearly non-existent.

FUN FACT: On a clear day, you can see notorious party island Mykonos from the shores of Ikaria

Unprocessed (‘raw’) foods appear in nature with the positive enzymes needed for digestion. They also consume a lot of unheated olive oil, which has been proven to reduce bad cholesterol. Everyone on the island drinks goat’s milk, which is very easy on the digestive system (especially in the elderly) and contains serotonin-boosting tryptophan. 

Transportation in Ikaria still involves a great deal of walking and bicycling, and minimal industry ensures air and water free of pollutants. Another contributing factor to their longevity might be their thermal hot springs – considered the most health beneficial in Europe.

Although on paper the Icarian lifestyle doesn’t sound too bad, after a week or two of vacation, many of us begin to crave the amenities of ‘modern life’. You have to ask yourself though... Do the health benefits outweigh the perks of our streamlined lives? For those of us whose lives are entrenched in modern society, regular exercise, careful attention to our food sources, and detoxification are as close as we are going to get.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Great article by Phil Lanman, trainer: Miguel Cotto

Lutein: Health Benefits

By , On December 28, 2012

Lutein, a yellow-hued carotenoid (that’s also found in non-yellow foods), has been receiving much well-deserved attention as of late. This powerful antioxidant may help fight everything from cancer to aging, and it’s available in so many foods that there’s no excuse not to add it to your daily diet.

Egg yolks provide the most readily absorbed form of lutein — leafy greens are also an excellent source.

While no recommended daily allowance has been determined for this powerhouse nutrient, experts recommend 4-6 mg a day. However, federal surveys found that the average American consumes only about 2 mg of lutein daily.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), this could easily be doubled by eating a salad consisting of one cup of spinach and one egg (which would give you 4 mg of lutein). Why should you care about how much lutein you’re eating?

Health Benefits Galore

Protect your eyes.... Full Article