Monday, February 18, 2013

Congrats to Shanna, our latest winner!

Check out this great photo of Shanna and her 4-month twin daughters, winner of last month's BodyPure giveaway:

Shanna also left us some great feedback about what she purchased with her winning gift card:

I recently won the BodyPure gift card. I have always been a Probiotic NUT, but I do get weary buying "higher priced" probiotics after many failed products. So I of course purchased 2 boxes of the 5-Lac . I LOVE this probiotic ! So easy to take , and I can tell it works . I will definitely be ordering more once my supply runs low ! Awesome to find a great probiotic that actually does what it should ! Shipping from BodyPure was quicker then quick - the company was lightening quick at answering any questions I had before ordering - and the product is amazing ! What more to ask !?!

Thanks Shanna! We love hearing from all our winners and customers!

Have you entered this month's contest yet?

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