Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Truth About Mercury Poisioning and Other Public Health Issues and The Criminal Elements Behind Our Sickening Society

Dr Vinograd posts an out of print article from his personal archives..

"Since John Moore almost died from mercury poisoning in 1974, that highly toxic element has haunted the man. He was and is an industrial engineer, at one time working with the Boeing Company.

All of life’s work became an aside once he decided to find out what happened to him. He became a mercury/dental health researcher.

He now assists those who want to learn and perhaps rescue themselves from the planet’s ubiquitous contaminant. He taught classes to dental and health professionals for three years’ often with up to 100 persons per session.

His expertise was acknowledged by author Tom Warren in the book Reversing Chronic Diseases’ along with fellow researcher Gary Tunsky. The illustration of mercury vapor escaping a mercury seat is taken from Warren’s book. Our interview starts with a half question about that near- death experience…”"

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